Meet Michelle


Death is a part of life and heaven is not unreachable. Heaven is all around us and our loved ones try to communicate with us each day.

I am a spiritual medium. I like to say I speak and translate soul. That means, I work for spirit and do my best to take their messages and deliver them to the clients that visit me. Spirit arranges it all; I firmly believe that. We are here on purpose with a purpose and mine is to help spirit communicate with their loved ones here on Earth.

For the last several years and my entire life, I have been learning about spirit and how they communicate. I work in one hour sessions to help my clients hear the messages that their loved one, spirit guides, and guardian angels have to offer them. Sometimes, your own soul has a few messages for you. And believe me, our soul was sent here knowing everything it needed to know to get us through this human experience, so it knows a thing or two.

My goal is to help spirit and my clients learn to better understand one another and hopefully bring comfort and peace to all parties involved.