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What is a spiritual medium?

Being a spiritual medium is quite different than just saying you speak to the dead. Spiritual mediums can receive messages from spirit in a variety of ways and they can communicate those messages to our human consciousness.

Mediums can be clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, or claircognizant. Clairvoyant (clear sight) means that one is able to receive images in their mind from spirit or souls. Clairaudient, is you guessed it, the ability to hear messages from spirit. These messages can be impressions in the mind or heard audibly through our human senses. Clairsentient means that messages can be relayed through feeling both physical and emotional. This type of medium can feel physical sensations of that a spirit would have felt in life or even feel these sensations of souls currently in physical bodies. Finally, mediums that have claircognizance just know things. Messages come through with complete clarity. These individuals know with certainty that someone is lying, they also get ideas readily and easily. Like a lightbulb going off in their heads. Some individuals share these downloads with others in the form of publications, much like A Course in Miracles.

What is the difference between a psychic and a spiritual medium?

Psychics use the energy within themselves (intuition) or objects to see information about the past, present or future and deliver those messages to their clients.

Mediums use the energy from spirit or others to see information about the past, present or future and deliver those messages to their clients.

Not all psychics are mediums, but mediums are psychic. They have the ability to use their own information in concert with spirit information to relay messages.

Psychics often use their intuition to predict future events, while mediums relay messages about the past and the present. It is my opinion that we are souls having a human experience. Our souls were “wired” with all the knowledge we needed for this lifetime and it is important for each of us to listen to our own intuition and make our choices in this life. Our soul needs to take ownership of these choices to complete our journey. While guidance and advice can be helpful, you already have the answers that you need.

How do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment you can email me at mlmurnin@yahoo.com. Please let me know what type of appointment you would like to book, if it is a group session please indicate how many people and where you are located.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

You do not need to bring anything with you. I often recommend bringing a pen and paper to take notes as there may be things you want to remember about the session.

Can I record my session?

You are welcome to record the session on your own device.

Can I bring people with me?

Of course! Please make sure that you check the pay schedule if you are both looking to get a reading. There are different prices depending on the number of people present that would like to receive a reading.

Are you able to speak to a specific loved one in spirit?

Yes, but there are no guarantees of who will step forward and I do not pressure a spirit loved one to participate. I let spirit lead in the sessions and whomever comes forward with messages are the ones that I speak with.

What can I expect at the appointment?

At the appointment, I will tell you a little bit about how I got started and the type of gifts that I have and use to help deliver messages. Each session is a bit different as spirit has me share different bits of information based on the client themselves and what they need to receive that day.

I take time to connect with spirit and delivering healing messages for you. If there are messages from spirit guides, guardian angels, or your own soul then I can deliver those as well.

You can ask questions about the information or of the spirits that are speaking.

I do my best to be the best translator that I can be.

Is there a difference between a phone and an in-person session?

For me, I like phone sessions because I can focus on connecting with spirit and the human side of me doesn’t have any body language or facial expressions from the client that I may witness. But I also love meeting my clients and am happy to deliver the messages either way. I just feel blessed to be able to help people with the information that God and spirit allow me to deliver.

How do I pay?

You can pay via credit card by using PayPal and my email address or you can pay by cash or check. There may be an up-front fee for booking that is non-refundable at the time of booking the appointment. Please note if you are wanting to book an out of area appointment there will be travel fees that apply.

Is there a cancellation policy?

I need to have a 24-hour notice that you are cancelling and there is a non-refundable booking charge. Please note that if you need to reschedule this booking fee will be applied to the rescheduling and you will not lose this fee.

How much time should I wait in between appointments?

I always recommend waiting at least three months in between appointments. Spirit may have more to say the longer you wait to speak with them, but I have many repeat and consistent clients that I love and there are many different messages that come through to them during their appointments.

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If you have other questions that you don’t see here you can email me at mlmurnin@yahoo.com or you can visit my Facebook page here and ask the question. If you ask on Facebook I answer questions via videos all the time and would love to answer your question that way!