Cast of Characters

Our sweet, family is composed of my husband, myself, and our four children.


Husband is intelligent, hilarious, and like most men enamored with tools, bodily functions, and sports. He is a hands on dad who helps without being asked and an all around great friend. We met on a camping trip 15 years ago and we both knew it was meant to be. Husband is honest and devoted to his family. Being married to him makes me incredibly happy.

Me –IMG_4381

Just a goofy, mom and wife who is living the dream. I like to eat hot tamales and drink chai lattes from Starbucks. I am trying to be a runner and like to indulge in binge watching Fixer Upper currently. I love reading, writing and playing with my kiddos. Mostly I try to balance being a full-time working – full-time mommy and all that goes with that. This blog is all about what I learn doing that every day.

EJ –img_2941

My oldest son who is a Lego building, soccer playing, fun-loving kid. EJ is also wonderfully kind. He is a great big brother, son and a super friend. It is an honor to get to be a part of his life and watch him grow up.


DMack –img_3031

My only daughter. She is a spirited, playful, shy 9-year-old girl who loves to dance and sing. She is also learning to do cartwheels and practices daily. She has definitely has a fiery spirit. She is still shy, but she is adventurous and lots of fun.


C-Man is the oldest of the twins by 9 minutes. He is sensitive, sweet and loves princesses, high heels and Teen Titans. He is such a prankster and loves to tease everyone in the family. His sweet sense of humor is such a gift. We may have an actor on our hands, as he definitely can put on a good show and dressing up his one of his favorite past times. Good natured and easy-going are the best words to describe him.


Z is the youngest of my sons. He is a rough and tumble kid who loves to wrestle, play “shoot bad guys” and watch Buzz Lightyear. Serious, with a dry sense of humor and a captivating smile; Z wins over just about everybody within minutes. Z is one you have to watch every second as his curiosity leads to many messes and disasters. Whether he is emptying out all the bathroom cabinets or taking out every toy in the playroom he is sure to leave a mess in his path.

We are a noisy, crazy, loving family and it just gets better every day.

Let me know what you think

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