You scan Facebook to see what’s going on with family and friends and you notice your friends are celebrating your friend’s birthday and it hits you that you aren’t there…you were never invited.

It shouldn’t matter, but it hurts a little any way learning where you stand with people. 

Yesterday I wrote that 2016 is going to be better and it is because I am going to be authentic and uncensored. When I write here I write what I am feeling and lately that has been wrapped in censorship because I was trying to always show the shiny side of things, but we all know that isn’t true. Things are not always shiny. Life hurts sometimes. It is the truth we want to read about.

It’s my fault I wasn’t invited. I am a bad friend, I admit it. My family comes first and I make little time for people outside of that. I would rather be writing or reading or binge watching Netflix than sitting with another human outside my family, but it still stings to not be included. 

The good news is we get over it and move on. And the bright side is you know where you stand. You know exactly where you are in friendship status with those people that don’t include you. That is a really good thing.

Sometimes being uninvited is a blessing in disguise.

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