Michelle Murnin Paulson (1)

As humans, we often have difficulty navigating through life. Loss, change, and even day to day activities can be difficult for some or all of us. Since I was young, I have experienced and sensed the energy both spirit and the people around me. While, I never thought that it would become something I would base a career on; I knew that I could help others navigate through loss or pain.

Ten years ago, I did my first personal reading for a dear friend. It changed all of our lives so profoundly. Over the next few years, I did not regularly do reading sessions, but I worked and studied how my ability to communicate and understand spiritual energy worked and could do more to help other people. I am currently completing a certification course through James Van Praagh’s school of mystical arts.

I am a spiritual medium that can provide evidence to my clients (sitters) through clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing) and Clairsentience (clear feeling). During a session, I can deliver messages that contain information about the spirits we are speaking with in the form of words, images, emotions, and physical descriptions. It is my job to deliver as much of the information as possible that I receive so that the personality or your loved one comes through as well as the messages they want you to hear. In some cases, the information that is communicated comes from your own soul or with spirit guides that have information that may be able to offer you assistance.

I believe we can connect and communicate with spiritual energy. We often seek out assistance in communicating because it is an emotional experience and our own emotions can sometimes be a block for messages that are meant directly for us. In a session, I work to translate messages from your loved ones in spirit, spiritual guides or even your own soul to help you find peace, comfort, and healing in your life.

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Thank you and best wishes to you on your own spiritual journey.